Do I really need a recruiter to find a job or locate the right candidate for my company?

Should I just try looking on my own?

These (and other) questions commonly arise when it’s time to find the next position to advance your career or when organizations are looking for A-level talent to enrich their teams.

While there can be various benefits to working with experienced recruiters – like those at Triad Recruiting, one of the major advantages is saving both time and money in the recruitment and hiring process. In fact, this advantage can benefit both job seekers and companies. Here’s how and why…

How Triad Recruiting Can Help You Save Time & Money in the Recruitment & Hiring Process

Triad Recruiting streamlines the recruitment and hiring process through innovative strategies and proven methodologies that can:

  1. Source talent that organizations may not be able to find alone – While companies may put up job postings on job boards or social media, Triad Recruiting uses an array of strategies to find talent in both active and passive job-seeking pools. This can help businesses find the best candidate while reaping the most possible value from the recruitment process. It can also connect professionals with new, rewarding opportunities to launch their career to the next level.
  2. Facilitate the screening and hiring processes – Triad Recruiting can shortlist the exact types of candidates a business is seeking, finding talent that fits an organization’s needs and long-term objectives. After a carefully selected talent pool has been sourced, we can then coordinate and expedite interviews, background checks, competency tests and other aspects of the hiring process. This benefits both organizations and candidates, keeping everyone informed and engaged while avoiding unnecessary delays, costs or miscommunications that can compromise the process.
  3. Evaluate emerging talent trends – Triad Recruiting keeps its finger on the pulse of changing talent trends so both candidates and organizations can fully capitalize on them. This can be essential to staying ahead of the curve, attracting the best talent or job opportunities and minimizing the costs that can arise from overlooking key talent trends.

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  1. Efficiently fill vacancies – Open positions can cost businesses in terms of productivity and profits. These costs can increase the longer vacancies remain. Potentially compounding these costs can be the time current employees spend on looking for and/or screening candidates, instead of working on other organizational needs. Triad Recruiting can expeditiously fill open roles with the right candidates, saving organizations’ resources while helping candidates start earning in a rewarding position as soon as possible.
  2. Reduce integration costs associated with new hires – With meticulous and thorough screening, Triad Recruiting can hone in on the candidates that have the experience, skills, knowledge and qualities organizations are looking for. This can limit the costs associated with training new hires and getting them up to speed. That can mean less initial downtime, greater productivity and possibly a fast track for promotion.
  3. Promote retention, lasting relationships and optimal success – Triad Recruiting’s services do not end once a candidate is hired. We continue to support and work with companies and talent after an offer has been made and accepted to assist with the on-boarding process and position professionals and organizations for long-term growth and success.

At Triad Recruiting, our success depends on your success. Consequently, we believe that:

  • Performance matters.
  • We best serve our clients by providing them with value and meaningful contributions.

Let us tell you more about how we can help you with your recruitment or job placement needs.

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